Bobby Michalski says he was shocked when he heard his friend, 23-year-old Michael Newby had been shot and killed early Thursday morning at his home on Concord Street.

Chattanooga police, along with the Bradley County Sheriff's office, arrested Andrew Graves in connection with that murder friday morning.

Police believe he was killed over drugs.

Michalski says he's never known newby to be involved with anything illegal.

But unfortunately, not in this case.

Police picked up graves at this home in cleveland.

They found a pound of marijuana, LSD and a handgun at the home.

They say Graves and newby had been dealing with each other for some time.

Michalski has known newby for years.

He says they went to grade school together, even played football in high school.

He says just last year, he stayed with newby while he was in town visiting from Florida.

Michalski says during that timed, they talked about how their lives changed while growing up.

Now he's coping with the loss of his friend

He isn't alone.

He says an outpour of friends have written on facebook, expressing their condolences.

Graves is being held at the Hamilton County jail and is charged with murder.

He also faces drug and gun charges in Bradley County.

We are told Newby's family has planned a funeral for this weekend.

Friday 6:25 PM

By Kay Blevins
Eyewitness News Reporter

Chattanooga (WRCB) - Chattanooga Police say they have arrested the man they believe shot and killed Michael Newby at a home on North Concord Road.

Police say both the victim and the shooter knew each other.

Andrew Graves was taken into custody early Friday morning in Bradley County. Neighbors who live in this community say they didn't know a man wanted for murder was hiding out so close to their homes.

"We have a lot of kids out here and that is awful that someone can lurk around here," Angela Thompson says.

Graves was staying with a relative and his 18-year-old girlfriend in this home off of Elrod Place.

Police say Graves and his girlfriend were planning on leaving town. When Chattanooga Police arrested Graves, they found 1 pound of marijuana, LSD and a handgun.

Police say the shooting was not a random act. In fact they say Newby and Graves had contact with each other right before the murder.

Graves is being held in the Hamilton County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

He also faces drug and weapons charges in Bradley County.

We tried to pick up the 911 tape involved in this case Friday. A spokesperson for the city said it would not be available until next week.