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Search continues for missing woman in Collegedale

By Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

COLLEGEDALE, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - A missing woman has the Collegedale Police Department and locals scratching their heads.

"Yes it's very strange, it's basically she vanished, we have no clues to where she's at, and that's the most frustrating thing," says Collegedale Police Chief Brian Hickman.

It's been 5 days since Suzanne Hunt went missing here in Collegedale. Police say they have no new leads, so Friday they took the search to the air.

"We're gonna be able to cover a lot more ground than on foot, the problem is, unfortunately here it's summertime, and the foliage is very thick," Chief Hickman says.

A thick forest makes it very hard to spot things. On Chief Hickman's first sweep in the plane Friday, they searched the land surrounding the campus where she was last seen. More than an hour in the air and no new leads.

After that, Hickman jumped in a chopper with THP, but it was much of the same.

"If we had some clue as an email, a text saying hey I'm going here, or I'm just gonna disappear for a while, then we could have some potential," said Hickman.

On Monday, Hunt's car was found in a church parking lot on campus, her purse, wallet, and cell phone locked inside.

Although police have no leads now, they say the search will not stop until they do.

"We're gonna continue until we get a better lead on where she might be. Or until somebody comes forward and says we know where she is. Until we know where she's at, we're gonna continue to do what we can," says Chief Hickman.

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