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Riverbend 2010

Grammy award winning artist Yonrico Scott talks to Eyewitness News

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By Danny Kennedy
Riverbend Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - It's hard to believe, but only two nights remain of Riverbend 2010. On Friday afternoon, Riverbend Reporter Danny Kennedy caught up with Grammy award winning drummer and percussionist Yonrico Scott who performs with his band tonight on the Bud Light stage.

Danny: "Congratulations on your Grammy award for ‘Best Contemporary Blues Album' earlier this year. Talk a little bit about that experience."

Yonrico: "It was a great experience. We won the award as part of the Derek Trucks Band and we've been together for over 16 years. To finally get recognition is such an honor. I was blessed enough to go to L.A. and receive the award."

Danny: "Like you said, you've been with the Derek Truck Band for 16 years. But that's not all you do. For example, you're here with the Yonrico Scott Band today. Is there a difference between those two acts and what do you prefer?"

Yonrico: "I prefer just playing music. Derek is a wonderful person and a wonderful artist. We have a new record coming out in four days on the 22nd. It's called Road Songs. It's a live record. Playing with the Yonrico Scott Band allows us to stretch out a little bit. I'm singing. We play more of a jazz-funk, blues type."

Danny: "The drums on stage seem like an inbred talent. What inspired you to learn the drums and percussion?"

Yonrico: "Growing up in Detroit, I was driven towards the drums. In college, I majored in percussion. I tried to guitar early. I do play keyboards. But the drums... that's my instrument."

Danny: "You've been talking about the Derek Trucks Band and the Yonrico Scott Band but you've also sat in with other bands.. Widespread Panic comes to mind. You've sat in with them 8 times in the past 12 years and 4 of those have been on New Year's Eve. Talk about that tradition."

Yonrico: "I love them and the energy on New Years Eve. The first live performance I did after my heart surgery was with Widespread Panic and they were so open and receptive to it. I love the magic they have with the crowd. I love playing with them. They are a great tribute to Athens, Georgia and a tribute to bands who have stuck it out."

Danny: "How do you bounce back from heart surgery as a musical artist?"

Yonrico: "We all have our ins-and-outs in life. It was something I had to overcome and I did. It was nine years ago and I'm a new person now.

The Yonrico Scott Band performs on the Bud Light stage Friday night at 6:15.

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