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Dallas Bay area damaged by storms

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DALLAS BAY, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - One drive down Daisy Dallas Road and it became very clear just how much clean up was needed. Neighbors here say the storm lasted just 20 minutes. But EPB workers were repairing damaged power lines until early Thursday morning.

"We left here at midnight and about an hour later, one of the crews called me, they thought I was still working. They were out here working, probably till about 3 or 4 in the morning," EPB independent contractor Robert Meserve says.

At about 7:30 Wednesday night, EPB said they had more than 1,500 homes without power, in a 600 square mile region. By 9:00 p.m. they lowered that number to 1,000 homes with no power.

Now, the neighborhood sits back and realizes just how fast it came and went.

"It only lasted about 20 minutes, and all that damage in 20 minutes, it was scary," Brittney White says.

White and her family were in their van about to leave for church when the storm hit. They said the winds were so strong, it rocked the vehicle. Seconds later they watched this huge tree fall in their neighbors yard.

"We were sitting in the car, and the wind was so fast we couldn't see out. Then we heard crash, and looked at Danny's face, and it was crazy, never seen anything like it," says White.

Residents agreed, they're not worried about the trees, just that no one was hurt.

"No body got hurt, thank God, that's the only thing you can thank, God," says White.

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