Story by Kay Blevins

Eyewitness News Reporter

COLLEGEDALE, TN. (WRCB)-- It's now been more than 48-hours since a woman went missing and Collegedale Police are asking for your help.

Every lead is cold. They've searched were Suzanne Hunt was last seen and many trails on the Southern Adventist University campus, but there's still no sign of her.

"We are obviously concerned about her, her safety and her family, her mom and dad especially. It's very traumatic for them and for all of us," says Wolf Jedamski.

Volunteers comb through trails on the campus of Southern Adventist University looking for Suzanne Hunt. She went missing on Monday afternoon in Collegedale.

"She left from her work at the Collegedale Credit Union for lunch and went over to the Collegedale Seventh Day Adventist Church," says Chief Brian Hickman.

Suzanne has been a member at the church for years, attending and working part time. Her mother is also a volunteer. But police aren't sure why Suzanne showed up on Monday.

"The last point we have on videotape is her going back to her car, her car was locked, her purse, wallet and cell phone inside," says Hickman.

Police say Suzanne was seen walking around the church parking lot on Monday.

And why there is no evidence of foul play, police say this is unusual.

"Family and friends say this is not typical, she is always dependable," says Hickman.

Now police and church members are left with a lot of unanswered questions wondering how and why this woman vanished.

"Very gracious person, loving, kind," says Pastor Sam Chetty.

Tuesday night a prayer meeting was held at Collegedale Seventh Day Adventist Church.

If you have any information on where Suzanne Hunt is, call Collegedale Police at 396-3133.