CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The Hamilton County Election Commission has given the go-ahead to a group attempting to recall Mayor Ron Littlefield.

They now have 75 days to obtain 9,000 valid signatures from Chattanooga residents

And they say they're up to the task.

It took only a few minutes for the election commission to review and approve Jim Folkner's petition drive.  And now he says, the real work begins, "We've got 75 days to recall the mayor and give the city back to the people of Chattanooga."

Recall organizer Jim Folkner says the anger toward Littlefield is widespread, from the inner city to the affluent neighborhoods.  The mayor's proposed 33% property tax increase has drawn criticism, he says from all segments of the community. "We're confident people want a different way, lower taxes, cleaner government, we can do this definitely."

But he says, taxes aren't the only issue.  The mayor's recent annexation plans have also triggered discontent, inside and outside city limits. "What's really happening is there are vast areas we can't afford to pay for services for."

The group hopes the threat of a recall, and a special election will get the mayor's attention.  They say he's turned a deaf ear on his critics, and their petition is intended to be a wakeup call.

"Ron Littlefield needs to think and be responsive, he won't call me back and that's not being responsive to the citizens," says recall supporter Charlie Wysong.

The group is actually shooting for about 15,000 signatures on the recall petition, to make sure there are enough registered voters.  If not, their efforts will fail. 

If they succeed, there would be a special election on the ballot in November, and Mayor Littlefield could run again.  As for the mayor, he has no comment at this time.