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Weather causes damage to Dade Co.

Story by Paul Shahen

Eyewitness News Reporter

DADE CO, GA. (WRCB)-- Folks in Dade County are hoping for a much calmer night after strong storms blew through Tuesday, leaving many homes without water and electricity.

The Channel 3 Storm Alert Team tracked this storm as it moved from Alabama.

The day after storms ripped through this Dade community, residents say they are just thankful to be alive.

"I think that god was with us yesterday, it could have been a whole lot worse. My wife and I, we were both home," says John Pack.

Dade County had it's world turned upside down Tuesday, as severe weather moved anything not grounded, and knocked over what was.

The Pack family listened from their bathroom as a massive tree crushed rooms in their house. Today Johns a bit speechless because the tree crushed his bed, the same bed he would have been napping in, if his wife didn't talk him out of it.

"My husband would be dead right now, because he would have been asleep in that bed the tree crushed," says Debbie.

The Pack family had time to take shelter in a bathroom, neighbors didn't have the same luxury. Just two houses down, Chris Payne was stuck in his garage while his family watched from the house.

"I was inside the metal building, with all the rain, and the hail you couldn't hear nothing, it was just a loud , loud noise," says Payne.

Luckily the Payne family didn't see any major storm damage to their house, but families that did can't help but wonder what could have happened.

Residents say the storms that ripped through the Dade community only last 20-25 minutes, but crews say the Pack household won't be restored to normal for three to six months.

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