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UPDATE: Repo man returns to work

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- We're following up on a man who was run over, while trying to repossess a car.

He's back on the job and Gary Phillips says it's probably not the last time he'll be injured on the job.

He's been beaten with a bumper jack, been in fist fights and he's even had guns pulled on him, but Phillips says it just goes with the territory..

"Let's not have a situation.. Somebody's gone get hurt or the truck's gone get tore up stop and gather our wits here... Or something bad's gone happen here," says Phillips.

And something bad did happen when Gary Phillips tried repossess this Chevy Tahoe. The driver didn't want to back down.

"I said hey calm down, let's figure this out it's already on the truck," says Phillips.

On this truck and in mid-tow Phillips says it's not the first time he'd repossessed a car from Tia Thomas, but in the past he says he had diffused the situation. This time when he tried to stop Thomas, eyewitnesses say she hit the gas and slammed into Phillips.

"She hit me in the ribs and then I hit my head and after that I don't know. I remember the hospital," says Phillips.

Phillips' team later recovered the car. Thomas went to jail and is charged with aggravated assault. It's Phillips first full day back on the job and he's fully aware he could run into Thomas again down the road or someone who could easily react the same way. Or worse, when the re-po man comes knocking.

"You have to get up each morning and know things can get bad. You just try to go home every night," says Phillips.

Phillips suffered cracked ribs and a concussion. They tallied up the numbers. Phillips tells me this is the fifth time they've repossessed a car from Thomas. Her case was bound over to the Grand Jury last week.





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