By Amy Morrow

Eyewitness News Reporter/ Anchor

MARION COUNTY, JASPER, TN. (WRCB)-- Brutal details come out in court about a beating death in Marion County.

A TBI agent says when they found the victim 34-year-old Jeremy Hughes inside his home he was lying face down in a pool of his own blood.

"He had had three to four lacerations to the head, along with laceration to the back of the head," says TBI Agent Mark Wilson.

TBI Agent Mark Wilson says he was called to this house on Chambers Road in Marion county Sunday May 30th. That's where investigators found 34-year-old Jeremy Hughes dead.

"Did it appear he was 1/2 asleep," asked the public defender.

"Yes it did," replied Wilson.

Investigators say Hughes arms were crossed on his chest. The way he sleeps according to family. But Cody Anderson's attorney asked if Hughes' body could have been manipulated. Agent Wilson told the court he didn't find evidence of that.

"Who dusted him for prints," asked the public defender.

"We didn't dust him for prints," replied Agent Wilson.

Eighteen-year-old Anderson is charged with criminal homicide. The agent testified Anderson denied any involvement at first, then later confessed to the beating.

"Then he said he blacked out and fled the scene and disposed of the pipe," says Wilson.

Judge Mark Raines bound the case over to the grand jury. They will return their decision in August.

Anderson's attorney waived the bond hearing so Anderson is still behind bars.