Story by Ken Nicholson Producer

BRADLEY CO. (WRCB)-- Another man is behind bars in Bradley County after police discover he was wanted in Rhea County.

The incident happened Saturday night. Police say they attempted to pull over a car on APD 40 for suspicion of DUI.

The car then sped off, causing the officer to lose contact.

That same car was later discovered after the driver crashed the vehicle on Gaut Street. In it were three adults and one infant.

The driver, 35-year-old Labron Mitchell Grady, of Athens was wanted in Rhea County for various charges including DUI, two counts of felony wreckless endangerment, theft under $500, child abuse and felony evading.

EMS arrived at the scene of the accident and treat the other two adults. The infant and Grady were taken to the hospital for further examination. It was believed that Grady might have suffered a seizure.

He was later released to the Bradley County Sheriff's Office where he is currently being held.