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Midtown gets 10 day beer suspension, 4th offense in 5 years

By Paul Shehen
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - On May 27th officers ticketed three people for leaving Midtown Music Hall with open containers and drinking in public. A 10-day suspension starting on June 10th, one day before the start of Riverbend was handed out to the bar owner.

"This was their fourth citation in five years. We wanted to show them, you either clean up your act, run a business with in accordance of the law," says Beer Board member James Hobbs. "Or we'll just keep bringing down harsh punishments."

The Beer Board said they know this will limit Midtown's beer sales during Riverbend to zero.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News spoke off camera with owner Pete Waddington, he said they will appeal.

His attorney advised him not to talk until after the hearing.

"If they appeal it the judge will decide at that point," said Hobbs.

Which means, Midtown would be able to sell beer during Riverbend. It also means, the suspension could be reduced, or enforced at a later time.

The owner of Midtown owns several other restaurants and bars in Chattanooga. Eyewitness News performed a search on the other bars, and found no citations.

That was one reason some locals had mixed opinions on the hefty 10-day ban.

"You need to be safe, they're right there on Georgia. You can't have people walking outside, stumbling on the street, you know. But I think 10 days is a little harsh, harsh punishment for them," says Amanda Bell, who works Downtown.

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