CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- A man has been arrested in connection with vehicle break-ins in Dalton and a bank robbery in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Police arrest Franklin Lambert, 29, on Wednesday for robbing the 1st Tennessee Bank at 2001 E 23rd Street on Tuesday. He passed a note to the teller then walked away with nearly $4000.00.

Lambert has also been charged by the Dalton Police with two counts each of entering auto, and multiple counts of credit card theft, credit card fraud, and identity theft in connection with a pair of vehicle break-ins at the First Presbyterian Church at 510 South Tibbs Road. 

The vehicle break-ins occurred on the morning of May 18th and the afternoon of May 19th.  In the first case, a purse was the only item stolen, and in the second, bank cards from the victim's purse were taken.  Both times, the stolen bank cards were used almost immediately by the suspect at the Shugart Road Wal-Mart.  On the first day, the suspect was denied as the card was canceled before he got to the cash register. 

On the second day, he managed to buy one $200 gift card before the stolen card was canceled.  He left after being denied on his second attempt.  On both occasions, he was recorded by the store's surveillance system, and his picture was released to the media on Tuesday, June 1st.  Detectives received multiple anonymous tips about his identity, which helped investigators crack the case. 

Lambert also has charges in Catoosa County, GA.