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Vandalism in Tiftonia and Hixson

By Kay Blevins
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Mailboxes are damaged and at least one neighborhood sign is defaced. Now Chattanooga Police are investigating two cases of vandalism. The vandals hit Hixson and Tiftonia.

Neighbors are angry, wondering who would vandalize their community.

Jenny Rodgers says"It's quite an expensive fix."

Jenny Rodger's mailbox is just one of 15 knocked down this week in Cummings Cove. "Monday morning came out and just about every other mailbox on the street was down."

Each home owner is paying about $150 to make repairs.

The neighbors don't know who committed the crime, but they do hope it doesn't happen again.

Across town in Hixson neighbors in Dreamcatcher subdivision woke up this morning to vulgar words plastered over their neighborhood entrance.

"To wake up and see that this morning, it was really disappointing that someone would deface our neighborhood sign that's really disappointing," says Josh Yother.

Chattanooga Police say you can take steps to keep things like this from happening.

Officer Rebecca Royval says if you see someone suspicious in your neighborhood call police or start a community watch program. 

If the suspects are found, they could face felony charges and 25 hours of community service.

If you have any information on this vandalism contact the Chattanooga Police Department at 698-2525. 

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