Update: 11:20 PM

A line of police cars and on Rossville Blvd. for a sobriety checkpoint landed 4 people in jail and 88 citations handed out.

Police say they are on a campaign to make this summer safe and make a strong message.

Law enforcement from Tennessee and Georgia flood RossvilleBboulevard, holding sobriety and seat belt checkpoints making sure drivers are following the rules of the road.

The Hands Across the Border and Click It or Ticket campaign are in full effect as police crack down on offenders.

A Hamilton County spokesperson says drivers need to be aware of these check points as they will span several states for the next few days.

And that's what initiatives from the Governor's Office of Highway safety have done.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says in 2009, the roads were the safest they have been in 50 years, but more than a dozen fatal wrecks this year, have police on high alert.

Some motorist say they are appreciate police holding these checkpoints, even if it causes a bit of a headache.

Michael Davidson says he hopes drunk drivers picked from behind the wheel because traffic fatalities seem all too common.

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Ahead of the Memorial Weekend, law enforcement in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama are sending a message to drivers: "Buckle up and don't drink and drive."

The "Hands across the Border" initiative is about to kick off.

Reaching across state lines, literally, agencies from Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama are joining hands to warn drivers - buckle up, designate a sober-driver or pay the price.

One thousand and forty people died on Tennessee roads last year, the fewest deaths in nearly 50 years.

Law enforcement attributes that to programs like hands across the border.

It's estimated 82% of Tennessee drivers do wear their seatbelts, but law enforcement says that's not enough.

Police will be out in full force over the next two days.

Check points will be held at the Tennessee, Georgia state line Thursday night. Friday, police will be in Hixson.