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Repo man shares the dangers of his job

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - It was a repo that was anything but usual, Mike Phillips watched a woman run over his dad as he tried to repossess her car.

Gary Phillips is recovering with a concussion and few broken ribs, but his son says, it could've been much worse.

This is a family business, so Mike Phillips was there with his father, and saw him hit the ground.

"We've been shot at, we've been in fist fights," and Mike Phillips says it's not the first time someone at Phillips Recovery has been struck by a car. "It's pretty regular, I got run over the other day and the police chased her down and put her in jail."

Phillips says it's the nature of the family business, Phillips Recovery.

Monday night they headed out to repossess a Chevy Tahoe. "She was angry about not taking her vehicle and had some choice words."

He's talking about Tia Thomas who was later arrested. Phillips found her here at this house on Tunnel Boulevard, but when they tried to take her SUV, she said not so fast.

'I was trying to hold it in park and she was fighting, trying to get it in drive and she hit me and I let go," Mike explains.

Phillips says the Tahoe was already hooked to the wrecker, the back-end about 5 feet off the ground, but Thomas took off. They caught up with her at the corner of Through Street and Greenwood Avenue.

"Dad proceeded to come around and blocked her and when he got out," Mike says. "She run him over."

Thomas took off, but Phillips found her later, recovered the Tahoe and called police. Thomas is charged with aggravated assault.

"It irritates ya, absolutely, all this over a car what would have happened if she'd lost control and killed 3-4 kids," Phillips says.

Mike Phillips says luckily his dad's injuries were not critical. And Thomas, she's no stranger to the Phillips family. They say it's the fifth time they've repossessed a car she was driving.

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