Melydia Clewell
Eyewitness News Assignment Manager/Reporter

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Attorneys for Tonya Craft filed a $25 million civil suit in federal court Monday, Channel 3 first reported on Twitter Monday afternoon.

The 10-count lawsuit names 19 defendants, including parents of the girls who accused Craft of molestation, the forensic interviewers and therapist who worked with the girls, the Child Advocacy Center of Fort Oglethorpe, the GreenHouse, Detective Tim Deal and the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office.

In the suit, Craft claims the parents conspired with state actors in a malicious and false prosecution by fabricating claims of child sex abuse and coercing the girls involved to remember and rehearse stories.

Craft's attorneys also allege fraudulent documents were created and used along with perjured testimony in the criminal case against Craft.

They also contend that the agencies involved -- the sheriff's department, the Child Advocacy Center and the Greenhouse -- failed to train and supervise employees to competently investigate allegations of child sexual abuse and were deliberately indifferent to the risks that inadequate training would lead to false prosecutions.

In addition to the $25 million in compensatory and punitive damages, Craft asks that the Child Advocacy Center, the Greenhouse, and the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department be ordered to establish protocols to competently investigate claims of child sexual abuse and to competently train and supervise their employees.

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