CHATTANOOGA. (WRCB)-- An organization dedicated to helping teens at risk and in need may soon find their budget slashed.

The Chambliss Center serves at risk children and many teenagers who are primarily in the juvenile justice system or have problems with law enforcement and might pose a risk to the community.

Playcore employees and a local legal office volunteered their time over the weekend to install the play park.

Earlier this month, the Chambliss Center was faced with a major setback after learning the county might cut their funding in half.

The state covers 70 percent of the center's budget, meaning if the county cuts their funds they would only lose about 12 percent, but that's money they still don't have.

"Hamilton County has a responsibility to serve Hamilton County children here in Hamilton County and we are one of the agencies that is providing that service and we would just like to them to help us do that", says Phil Acord.

Representatives from the Chambliss Center plan on fighting the cuts.

They tell us the commission makes the final decision.