By David Carroll

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-  The post-graduation celebration got out of hand for two Howard High School seniors after Saturday's commencement exercise at McKenzie Arena.

Red Bank High students and parents, attempting to enter the Arena for their graduation program, were held back while Chattanooga Police Department officers cleared the scene from a fracas involving Howard students. 

Several CPD officers were working "off duty" at the Howard graduation ceremony, according to Lt. Kim Noorbergen.  As the program was ending, the officers were called to a disorder outside the arena.

They found two of the morning's Howard graduates arguing over money. Francisco Pedro Miguel,19,  was accusing the other student of "not paying him back 10 dollars that was owed," according to Lt. Noorbergen.  "Police separated the two and told them to leave the area.  Miguel refused to cooperate, then became loud, cursing and drawing a crowd.  He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct without further incident. There were no injuries or any further incidents," according to police.