Chattanooga (WRCB)--Beyond the billionaire businessman is a father. We're learning more about Jack Lupton from his daughter Alice.  

 Alice Lupton Smith tells me she is relieved her father is not suffering anymore.

Today she told me what she'll remember most about her father is his since of humor. Lupton did much more than laugh. We wouldn't have the Tennessee Aquarium or Honors Golf Course if it weren't for him.  He gave millions to UTC and Baylor school. 

 Lupton carried on his father's vision of philanthropy with the Lyndhurst Foundation, a private grant making organization named after the family home.  In fact, Alice tells us her father taught her how to give.

 Aquarium representatives will place a picture of Jack Lupton in the building to honor his memory. It says the Tennessee Aquarium is a living tribute to his community spirit and generosity.