Red Bank (WRCB) -- With the price of college on the rise, high school students face more obstacles when it comes to paying for tuition. says the average price of a private university is more than $26,000 a year. That's not including room and board. Thanks to the Annenberg College Scholarship, Brooke Reed has a full ride, anywhere she wants to go.

The announcer said out loud, "extraordinary achievement, noble character, drive to succeed".

To any one who knows Red Bank junior Brooke Reed, that's her. And it's exactly why she's Hamilton County's first, Leonora Annenberg college scholarship award winner. Four years all expenses paid, to the school of her choice.

Reed said, "it's such an honor, I don't know why god decided to get this for me. I wanna do things with it."

That's exactly why this scholarship started in 2007. The late Leonore Annenberg had a vision to help today's students become leaders of tomorrow.

Committee members chose a small group of juniors each year, giving them a full year to find the perfect college.

Red Bank principal Gail Chuy says no one is more deserving.

"She works very very hard, and succeeds at everything she does," said Chuy, "she is very worthy of this award."

Brooke's parents say with the cost of colleges, there's no way she could of had her choice of schools, "this is great, I'm glad she got it. Very proud".

As for Brooke, she credits the people she's surrounded herself with, including her teachers. She says listening to what they had to say was very influential.

Fighting back tears, Reed said, "the stuff they'll say in class, people ignore it, I've always listened. And I always knew it would take me somewhere."