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McMinn County Pot Bust

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McMinn County detectives pulled the plug on a half a million dollar marijuana operation.

Agents seized about 100 pounds of pot.  Two bags you can see in photos are worth about 18 thousand dollars on the street.

Agents say the man living where they found the operation was making a living growing pot.  They say he had with an elaborate system and an electric bill that runs about 1500 dollars a month.

Agent David Robertson says," Yea, he told me he'd been growing marijuana since he was 11 years old in California."

And he told our crew today that times are tough and he was only trying to support his three kids.  Detectives say they'll present the evidence to a grand jury.

We talked with the man as well.  McMinn detectives asked us not to release his name because the investigation continues.  But the man in question did talk to us while we were shooting video of his home on CR 126 in McMinn.  He tells Eyewitness News he is only trying to support his three children.

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