RINGGOLD (WRCB) -- The defense has rested in the child molestation case for Tonya Craft. It ended after the second day in a row Craft maintained her innocence on the stand as the prosecution cross examined her.

Asst. District Attorney Len Gregor hammered at the "Truth For Tonya" website claiming Craft started rumors of a conspiracy against her.

Craft seemed uncomfortable at times, drinking several cups of water during questioning and breathing deeply.

The prosecution began digging into Craft's financial records, saying her legal bills are close to $500,000. The defense, who went first in questioning, brought up the dollar amount first.

Craft was also questioned about her personal feeling towards Asst District Attorney Chris Arnt.

Gregor even went as far to get Craft to talk about comments written on the "Truth For Tonya" website about Judge House, but Craft's attorney cut her off.

Craft testified she doesn't believe the allegations against her are part of a conspiracy or witch hunt.

But she does believe there were errors in the investigation.

Court resumes on Monday morning. Rebuttal witnesses may be called or closing arguments can begin.