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 Updated 5:32pm

Court is breaking until 9 am. D-Lo in court made reference to Judge requesting he find a stopping point around this time. 

Gregor objects to evaluation of good conduct being allowed into evidence. Judge House allows it.

Tonya being asked about her time at CES as a teacher. D-Lo asking her about evaluation from principal. 26 minutes ago via web

Gregor:"I work in GA rules of evidence, not Lorandos rules of evidence" - objects to entering medical records Tonya has. Sustained.

Like all the other testimony we have heard, there are parts of what Tonya is saying you won't hear to protect identities of children.

Tonya says girl 3 told her girl 2 did touching. Mom of girl 2 said other way around. Craft:"I was surprised to hear that" in court.

As a teacher, Craft is a mandatory reporter. Says looking back, she should have reported the mom beating girl w/belt.

Tonya says she saw accuser 2's mom spanking her daughter w/belt for touching other girl.

Tonya asked about accuser 2's mom catching girl 2 & 3 touching one another. Craft says from other room she heard mom yelling @ girls.

Tonya being asked about keeping Potter's kids everyday, even during summer.

D-Lo going through extensive schedule Tonya would follow weekly. Consists of 5 am workout, kids ball games, tournaments, school, etc.

Tonya looks at jury and states clearly: "I did not and have not sexually abused any child."

Tonya says she drew up a time line of events for the defense team. D-Lo going through it now.  

Tonya says told husband 2 she didn't want to fight over money, and never asked for child support b/c "it wasn't worth arguing about"

D-Lo keeps interrupting Tonya. Explains to his client he has to b/c by law she can't give a narrative answer.

Tonya being asked about how belongings were divided and child support.

Tonya says 2nd husband would say "look at your children, it's the last time you will see them" when he picked them up for visitation.

Tonya says son asked her what a social worker was & said daddy wanted him to tell one that Craft spanked him & locked him in closet.

Tonya says she filed for divorce b/c of verbal berating. 

Tonya says she thought she wasn't a good wife b/c husband was cheating and asking her if she was going to loose weight. 

Tonya says she heard many times that "God had changed his heart" so she stayed w/ husband 2. Says caught him in 2nd affair. 

Tonya says she walked in on husband 2 having sex w/ another woman in her home.

Standing room only in pool room. More local media here to listen to Tonya testimony. 

D-Lo:"Do girls put their jammies on and hop in bed together? Does that make you a child molester?" Tonya: "absolutely not" 

Tonya says story about her blacking out/waking up w/female friend is a twisted version of the truth. 

Tonya says husband 2 asked if they could have sex w/other couples and was critical of her weight during pregnancy. 

Tonya says she would come across pics of 2nd husband w/women having sex b4 they were married. Says she told him to get rid of them. 

Tonya says 2nd husband brought porn into her home on night a friend was over. Says friend didn't come back to her house after that. 

Update 4:01pm

Tonya Craft looks at jury as she says she had an "affair" w/2nd husband before marrying him. Says getting married felt like right thing to do.

Defense attorney: "Uh-oh. Does that make you a child molester?" Craft: No.

Update 3:56pm

D-Lo:"Is that big guy right there your daddy" (points to father) Tonya Craft chokes up and answers yes, says mom is in hall.

Tonya says she works out a lot to keep healthy. Says she worries about a few of her family members who are overweight.

Tonya says she and Gary divorced after getting married too young. Now talking about her 2nd husband, dad of her daughter.

Tonya says she takes care of herself and isn't a narcissist.

Update 3:52pm

After a break, Tonya returns to courtroom. She does not look at jury as they walk into court room, instead she scans the crowd of spectators.

Tonya Craft says it has been 706 days since she's had contact with her child because of allegations.

Updated 3:33pm

Tonya says she knows she has the right to remain silent, and can only imagine what is in store during cross-examination. 

First ? - D-Lo: "What are you doing on that stand" Tonya: "I'm here b/c I have been falsely accused"

Defense calls Tonya to stand  

David Craft dismissed and told to stay out of courtroom. Judge: "Call your next witness" 

Gregor back up w/re-cross. More ?'s about the depo.

You need a knife to cut through the tension in that courtroom right now. It's like its seeping through the walls into the pool room. 

King makes reference to "cleaning up" pages of depo that Gregor asked ?'s about and "didn't allow" David to answer.

Gregor ends w/ accusing David Craft of lying on stand - saying he knew what Tonya was "capable of". Scott King up w/redirect. 6 minutes ago via web

Gregor makes reference to David Craft carrying boxes into the courtroom each day.  

Updated: 3:25pm

The last 3 minutes can not be fully captivated in tweets.

Gregor asks if David ever feels sorry for accusers.  

David:"Its horrible we are here" Gregor:"I think so too, I don't get paid by the child molester"

David: "Sounded like someone won a football game" Gregor says applause can't be worse than defense council cross examining kid for 9 hrs. 

Gregor asks if David heard the applause outside the courtroom after accuser 1 took the stand and if he was offended.

Gregor:"What does it sound like when someone molests a child?" David:"I have no earthly idea"  

Gregor asks if David could see someone touch a child in bedroom or kitchen while in another room.

Gregor compliments David's drawing of his and Tonya's home, then asks where doors are. 

Updated 3:03pm

Gregor asks for David to step down to dry erase board again.

Scott King objects to Gregor asking ?'s about depo in regards to what others felt. Judge House sustains the objection.  

Gregor asks David if he thinks Tonya reconciled w/ him to help her case b/c he is a witness. David: "I think she loved her husband" 

Gregor says divorce depo shows Tonya believed David was involved in conspiracy against her. David:"I didn't read it that way" 

Gregor asking David about Truth for Tonya website and conspiracy theories.  

Gregor asks what David talked to D-Lo about at break. Says he asked how much longer. Gregor says "I don't have the stamina Lorandos does"

Court taking another short break.

David: "It's actually exactly opposite of what u just described." after Gregor went through what David said about Tonya in counseling.

Updated 2:40pm

Gregor continues to ask David about what people have said he said about Tonya while the couple was fighting. 

Gregor continues to begin ?'s w/ "Do you recall saying..." or "Did you tell someone?"

Gregor asking about conversations David had w/ Tonya's kids. David says he called him to check on kids. 

Gregor asking lots of ?'s about Tonya allegedly cheating on David, or having lesbian relations. David denies all. 

Gregor asks if David saw Tonya holding hands w/ private investigator, he says no. 

David pulls out his glasses to look through a copy of the deposition.

Court officer says they will soon shut down courtroom b/c of capacity. Capacity=200+, currently there are about 160 or so inside.

While the judge won't allow David to say what Tonya said in deposition he can answer ?'s about what was asked of her.

Gregor seems to skip that part, moving on to what was asked in deposition. David was there when it was taken.  

Gregor asks about deposition against Tonya. Gregor asks about Craft & pleading the 5th. Things come to a stop and attorneys approach.

Updated 2:06pm

Gregor: "Now let's talk about Shanica Lewis' boobs" David again says Tonya thought they were big. 

Gregor asking about Tonya drinking and getting sick on wedding night.

Gregor asking if Tonya likes vodka and raspberry. David: "She's drank it before"

Gregor: "Didn't you tell people when you left the defendant that Tonya was an alcoholic" David: "I didn't say that"

David getting visibly frustrated w/ Gregor puts words in his mouth. David: "you said that sir, not me"

David Craft doesn't change his answers to Kings ?'s as Gregor asks similar ones. "that's correct, that's why I said it"

Gregor continues to ask David about testimony from other people David didn't hear.

Updated 1:45pm

Gregor asking David about Tonya's  first two marriages. Says he is aware of both. 

Gregor asks if David sees accuser 1 as "wordly" like others. Gregor:"Sounds like someone who gets around" David:"She's 10"

Gregor using a soft voice, asking David not to take offense to ?'s before he asks them.

David says it was a little less than two months between his first date w/ Tonya and their first wedding ceremony.  

Gregor asking about relationships previous to Tonya. Says he was in relationship for 17 yrs, but doesn't have biological kids.   

David says he went back to get his GED. Gregor asking him if he is proud of his background. David says yes.

David says he started in his company 28 yrs ago "sweeping the floors", "wasn't anyone lower". Dropped out of hs senior yr to go to work. 

Gregor says it's foolish to think David Craft has been around his wife Tonya 24/7. 

Courtroom is packed. Back rows are full now. Tonya has a dry erase board in her line of sight to the stand as husband testifies.   

Gregor now asking David about fishing lingo. Gregor shares his experience w/fishing while asking ?'s  

Len Gregor to David: "Are you helping finance team Tonya?" after asking about D-Lo wearing yellow tie when child took stand.

Updated 1:12PM

Court back in session. ADA Len Gregor cross examining David Craft

Updated Noon

Rumor is there's a deposition taken from David during separation about Tonya. Defense didn't ask about it, we'll see if State does. 

Lunch break. Cross-examination at 1 pm.

David being asked about Truth for Tonya website. He says Tonya wasn't involved in its creation. 

King beat Gregor to the punch. King to David: "Do you know what a narcissist is?" He defines it, says Tonya doesn't fit description. 

A head count by McCracken Poston says 70 on Tonya's side and 40 on state's side. Says there's some spill-over from Craft's side.

David is writing out cellphone #'s for mom and dad of accuser 1. Not sure I could recall #'s like that thanks to speed dial. 

King asking David about phone records. King :"because the world is watching us on tv, don't say the #'s out loud"

David: "I get in trouble if I say Damn, so there's not no porn."

David: " Tonya and I talked about porn, neither of us like it, there isn't any in our house" 

I have to believe this drawing board will be used in closing statements to show a time line.

Back to the drawing board - literally. King asking more questions about when and where he saw accusers. 

We won't hear about how David felt or what he thought about the allegations. Judge won't allow it.

David says it was no secret when he and Tonya got back together there would be a trial. Says he stuck around b/c he "loved his wife" 

David: "we were all but divorced" when we chose to reconcile. Says, "I realized when I saw her that I still loved her"

David says after interview w/ detectives he "never heard from them again"  

David: "They asked if I knew anything about accusations, I said no and if I did I would have turned her in myself"  

Craft says the call was on around May 29th. Says he was asked ?'s about and how she was as a mom.   

David says he got a call from Det. Steve Keith and was asked to go to Sheriff's Dept. to meet w/Keith and Det. Tim Deal.

King: "Did Sherry Wilson ever tell you why she was so involved in this case since her kids weren't?" David: "No"

David says Tonya's ex-husband and mom & dad of accuser 1 never asked him about what he observed between Craft and kids. 

David says during his separation he talked to accuser 1's mom and dad often, says "they were my friends"

David says in phone convo mom of accuser 1 told Tonya molested her daughter. Says woman told him abuse happened before they met. 

David says dad of accuser 1 told her about the allegations. David says "I was shocked"  

David says accuser 1's mom drank "quite a bit" with Tonya at gala.   

David says he got "extremely mad" at a gala in 2007 w/ Tonya b/c Craft danced w/ someone else. Says had nothing to do w/separation. 

Update 11:15am

David huffs and reaches for water. You can tell he thinks these things are silly, but King is trying to make a point

King going through a list of "did you leave Tonya Craft because ..." and inserting allegations by the state like wearing short shorts.

David: "I've never seen Tonya Craft do a strip tease in front of anyone, not even me"

David asked about things accuser 1's mom said he told her. He says he was angry when he told woman separation was about $.

David says he decided to leave #TonyaCraft at work, drove home, packed, and left w/out telling her. Calls it "cruel"

David: "I wasn't getting enough attn. Stupid as that sounds. I went home & packed up my stuff & didn't tell her. It was cruel."

David says he and Tonya Craft would fight like any other couple, says he didn't handle separation correctly.

David says he had high expectations. Says he wanted all of Tonya Craft's attention, but she had a busy schedule. Says she didn't do wrong.

David says he regrets that he left. He looks over at #TonyaCraft as he said it.

When asked about separation, David says: "I quit on my wife, that's what I did"

We are getting back into the part of the story that we can't fully report to protect the identities of the children involved

David being asked about Tonya Craft bringing up concerns someone else had abused 1 of the 3 accusers in Feb., in April Craft was accused.

David says Tonya Craft became very upset about allegations against her. Says Craft was working to "address it correctly"

Gregor objects hearsay when King asks about how he heard about allegations. Gregor then rephrases the ? for King.

David also uses word "baby party" when describing what accuser 1 said about party at his home. Girl denied saying that

David taking deep breaths as Scott King asks questions about kids involved w/bday party. Looks like he's getting tired.

We are hearing about the last of 3 parties girls have testified about - the limo birthday party.

Update 10:42am

Court back in session. David still on the stand. You can feel the tension in the courtroom w/expectation Tonya Craft is next.

Update 10:35am

It's confirmed. Tonya Craft will take the stand after her husband.

Update 10:24am

Court taking a short break.

David says Tonya Craft and her ex aren't best friends but are "civil" with one another.

Update 10:15am

David says accuser 1 and 2 didn't spend the night after the Halloween party, night some alleged abuse supposedly took place.

King taking David through things chronologically. We are up to the Halloween party we've heard a lot of testimony about.

David listing names of kids who hung our at his and Tonya Craft's home. They are all names we know well.

Update 10:08am

David calls Tonya Craft's kids "our kids" while testifying the couple rarely hired a babysitter.

King asking David about walls in home. David says walls aren't soundproof, & you could hear what was happening in other room.

David returns to stand. Now King labeling rooms, adds a bathroom and upstairs playroom he left out.

We've seen drawing exercise before. Shanika Lewis, who cleaned couple's house, was asked to draw floor plan earlier in trial

King asks David to step down closer to the drawing board. He asks her to draw he and Tonya Craft's home.

King reaching for the dry erase board. Haven't seen that thing used in a week or so. D-Lo helping to set it up

David is answering ?s politely, but briefly. Get the feeling he doesn't talk a lot. Wonder if he's quiet type or just nervous.

David says he never accused Tonya Craft of having an affair w/ Mr. Potter.

King:"Have you ever seen Tonya Craft wear a thong bathing suit?" David:"She doesn't even own a thong bathing suit"

David continues to talk about previous witnesses Mike and Dee Potter. Says they were close to he and Tonya Craft.

Update 9:55am

King showing David pictures introduced by the State. Photos are of Tonya Craft in a dress he says he helped her shop for.

David says Tonya Craft did get sick on their wedding night.

David being asked about a comment Tonya Craft made about a friend's breasts. He says Craft made a joke about woman's size, everyone laughed.

Gregor objects that King is asking leading ?'s related to other witness testimony. King: "I'll rephrase your honor"

David says at 2nd ceremony he and Tonya Craft jumped in the pool. Says Craft fell running around pool. Says accuser 1's dad was chasing her.

David says second ceremony was on 7-7-07, like the first it was at accuser 1's home.

David says Tonya Craft wanted to marry before cruz b/c of her kids. Says first wedding ceremony was very private

David says he & Tonya Craft married first time b/c she didn't want to stay in room w/him on cruz w/out being married.

David says none of the accusers told him about alleged abuse

David says "no" when asked if he ever saw Tonya Craft touch accusers inappropriately.

David Craft is describing a "normal" lifestyle for a blended family. Says Tonya never did anything inappropriate w/ any child.

David says he doesn't remember a time when Tonya Craft's daughter went out w/ matted hair, dirty clothes, as others claim.

Update 9:35am

David says he doesn't know of 1 time Tonya Craft bathed a child other than her own.

David says he was home all night the night of the slumber party we have heard so much about.

David also knows accuser 2, met her shortly before marrying  Tonya Craft. Says girl spent the night at Craft house 1 time for a party.

David knew accuser 1 long before meeting his wife

David says he saw Tonya Craft interact w/accuser 1(child actor) a lot, says they acted like 2 people who cared about one another.

David says he and Tonya Craft reconciled in Nov. 2008 and have been together ever since.

David says he and Tonya Craft separated in April of 2008, prior to allegations. Says the separation had nothing to do w/case.

King asking David about how Tonya Craft would reprimand children. Says never saw her spank kids, would try to "reason w/them

David says Tonya Craft's daughter acted like any child would w/their mother. Says Tonya was "an excellent mother"

David says after a few weeks his relationship w/ Tonya Craft got more serious. Says he didn't meet her kids "for a while"

Attorney Scott King is asking David questions, we haven't seen King ask questions for a few days.

David says first date w/Craft was w/accuser 1's parents. Says the 4 of them went to the Boathouse to eat

David knows accuser 1. Says he first met her after competing in a fishing tournament w/girl's dad

David says his wife is kind, caring, & always on the go. Says they met on a blind date. They were set up by accuser 1's parents

David says Tonya Craft's daughter asks how her mommy is doing, where she lives, etc.

David sees Tonya Craft's 2 kids every other weekend, although Tonya is not allowed to see them.

David says his stepson is athletic, his step daughter is outgoing and full of energy. Says he "loves them very much"

David Craft on the stand. Exec VP of Industrial Mfctg company. He's talking about his stepkids, loves them very much.

David Craft, Tonya Craft's husband is being sworn in. He's spent the last 18 days in the hallway.

(9:15am) Jury coming in.

Update 9:05am

Officers being diligent this am. Maybe b/c cellphone got by them yesterday? Line of yellow shirts waiting to get in court.

Update 7:30am 

The defense team for Tonya Craft will continue its side of the case at 9:00 a.m. Check back for updates here all day.