Police say a masked man, carrying a gun, has hit four stores in a matter of days!

As you can see on the video, he's armed and police say dangerous. They want to stop him before the violence escalates.

Sgt. Rebecca Shelton says, "Right now he's just pointing the gun at the victim, but he could get violent."

Michael Crumb says he stops by the Mapco on 20th Street daily. He adds, "It's always been a concern that might happen."

The suspect comes in waving his pistol and heads straight for the cashier.  It was late Saturday night at the Mapco on 20th Street.  The masked man demands the money and forces the clerk to get it for him.

This may be the only surveillance video of the suspect but detectives say he's been on a spree.

Sgt. Shelton says, "A couple times he threatened to shoot if they wouldn't go with his demands."

That happened at the Kanku's Express on Highway 58, twice!

Then again at Allen's Shop N' Go on Bonny Oaks and another store in East Ridge.   Each time he's wearing a mask.

Sgt. Shelton says, "We're hoping maybe his height, weight, clothes a girlfriend or cousin will see it, or maybe he'll tell people."

Detectives think this armed thief may be working alone.  In a couple of cases,a gold mini van has been reported leaving the scene.  If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers.