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Update 3:45pm

Dr. Hazzard is dismissed from stand. Court wrapping for day. Early Friday.

Update 3:40pm

Dr. Hazzard says she suggested Tonya Craft's daughter see a therapist with her mom.

Dr. Lorandos on re-direct.

Hazzard says she charged Tonya Craft $2,820 for evaluations, and $3,000 for testifying today.

Update 3:30pm

Gregor asks Hazzard if she considers Dr. Lorandos a colleague because they are both psychologists. She says "at some level"

Update 3:00pm

Gregor asking Dr Hazzard to read parts of report that Dr Lorandos didn't ask her to read.

Update 2:15pm

Hazzard now being cross-examined by Len Gregor. He asked her where she went to lunch and who paid.

Update 2:10pm

Lorandos asks Hazzard hypothetical question: If a therapist lies to court would that be troubling question A: Of course.

Lorandos asks Dr Hazzard hypothetical question: Would it be bad 4 children to be counseled by a therapist with mental illness? A: Yes!

Update 2pm

Dr. Hazzard asked about Suzi Thorne's interview with accuser 3. Hazzard says she has concerns about the questions asked.

Update 1:45pm

Court back in session. Dr. Hazzard back on the stand.

Update 12:01pm

Court breaking for lunch. State will cross-examine Dr. Hazzard at 1:15 - gives them a little time to prep.

Update 12:00pm

Dr. Hazzard obviously knows court system and has testified before, corrects herself when uses word "imagine" - avoiding hearsay.

Update 11:53am

Dr. Hazzard talking about how kids can choose one parent over another in divorce.

Update 11:45am

Len Gregor objects, saying Lorandos is playing games for jury. Judge sustained objection. Lorandos says objections, judge's rulings are double standards.

Then there is another fight about what Lorandos can ask. Gregor: "Maybe Mr. Lorandos doesn't understand the rules."

Dr. Hazzard says authorities came to her office with a search warrant to take records of her interview with Tonya Craft. Says it is the first time in her 30-year career.

Update 11:35am

Big argument between Lorandos & Gregor about what Dr Hazzard can say about Tonya Craft custody case.

Update 11:25am

Dr. Hazzard explaining how she was contacted about doing interview with Tonya Craft's kids. 

Update 11:20am

Court back in session. Dr. Lorandos asking more questions of Dr. Hazzard

Update 11:10am

Interesting to see Lorandos ask Hazzard about the case while steering clear of questions the Judge said no to. Still making his points.

Update 11:05am

Prosecution asks for another potty break. Witness laughs and says I'm all for it.

Dr Hazzard says child interviewer shouldn't ask questions about just one person, but a variety. Judge calls bathroom break.

Witness laughs as Gregor objects to leading questions, then Lorandos asks her about leading questions

Gregor keeps objecting. Dr Lorandos keeps apologizing for asking "leading" questions of Dr Hazzard

Update 11:00am

Hazzard being asked about multiple choice questions. Says child will usually pick a forced option, rarely none of the above.

Hazzard asked if she heard girl say "mommy told me what to say" she would be concerned parents creating ideas for girl.

Lorendos asking Hazzard hypothetically about testimony we've heard from girls.

Update 10:55am

Testiness and tension are back in the courtroom today for Day 15 of TonyaCraft trial.

Gregor objects to Lorandos "leading" witness. Lorandos says sorry and begins to move on. Gregor: "Can the court rule instead of you?"

Hazzard says if a parent discovers "child-play" in some cases they ask repeated ?'s leading child to feel they've been abused.

Dr. Hazzard: Kids can be led to believe they've been sexually abused because of contamination.

Hazzard points to one case and says b/c of contamination in that case, "we will never know what happened" to kids

Dr Hazzard says children are eager to please adults which can affect their responses, often add to stories w/their imagination.

Update 10:55am

Hazzard testifies there are examples in studies that leading ?'s have led children to believe they were abused.

Dr. Hazzard says students in her field learn not to ask child same ? multiple times b/c it will make them think they are getting it wrong.

Dr Hazzard: If introvert repeatedly asks same question, child may think 1st answer he gave was wrong.

Lorandos asks Dr Hazzard if forensic intvwrs need 2 know resrch from McMartin Preschool case. She says yes. State witnesses not

Dr. Hazzard says evaluators need to know literature in field to conduct interviews, says otherwise likely to make mistakes.

Dr. Lorandos asking Hazzard about the way she teaches her students to conduct forensic evaluations.

Hazzard's evaluation was tied to custody case between TonyaCraft and her former husband.

Hazzard says she was appointed by State of TN to evaluate TonyaCraft's kids to determine if they were abused.

Dr Hazzard was appointed by HamCo court to do forensic evaluation in TonyaCraft custody case.

Dr Hazzard spent 15 years researching child sexual abuse. Good touch, bad touch programs, etc

GA Psych Assoc gave Dr Hazzard the President's Award.

Dr Hazzard was on the editorial board thirteen years for Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

Update 10:15am

Dr Hazzard's report in Tonya Craft custody case was filed in Hamilton County Court on July 31, 2009.

Hazzard has been a professor at Emory since 1982, is a UCLA graduate.

Update 10am

Lorandos moving forward with questions about Hazzard's education and training. She's an Emory grad, UCLA grad, and published.

Gregor tells Judge defense can go through Hazzard's resume, but has no doubt of her qualifications. Both sides know/respect her.

Hazzard is clinical psychologist in Atlanta.

Update 9:50am

Defense calls Dr. Ann Hazzard.

Judge apologizes to jury for delay, says it's possible court may break early. Defense shows some sign that may not be true. Court laughs.

Hearing is finished. Jury coming in. We will see how the defense works around the new rules for their witness.

Now State is arguing hearsay testimony should not be allowed by defense, State was allowed to enter hearsay earlier.

Update 9:45am

Dr. Lorandos tells judge he's confused by his ruling, because it contradicts Supreme Court's ruling in other cases.

House just ruled he's not going to allow defense's witness to testify about any of the things the defense planned for her to.

Judge tells Lorandos not to raise his voice. House hasn't reprimanded Gregor for raising voice through trial.

Gregor says didn't get attachment in e-mail. Lorandos: "Are you accusing an officer of the court has falsified documents?"

Update 9:40am

Lorandos to Judge: "even though the statute doesn't apply to us, I did what you asked"

Gregor says he didn't receive Dr. Ann Hazzard's outline of sworn testimony. Lorandos says it's on record & has been submitted.

Gregor now with his rebuttal. Gregor reading memo Lorandos sent him about defense's expert witness.

Update 9:35am

Judge House has face in hand as Dr. Lorandos talks about GA laws. Lorandos, "I'm sure the honorable court knows all of this"

Dr. Lorandos taking up several issues. Citing GA Supreme Court, arguing defense's expert witness should be allowed to testify

Dr. Lorandos argues defense's expert witness should be allowed to testify. He's citing long list of Supreme Court cases/GA law.

Discussion about Georgia law going on in courtroom.

Update 9:19am

Court hasn't started yet. Told Judge House and attorneys from both sides are in a closed chamber meeting.

Update 7:00 a.m.

The trial of Tonya Craft will resume for a 15th day of testimony.