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Update 4:51pm

Court has recessed for today. We return Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. after the TODAY Show coverage.

Update 4:30pm

Lee, who is a kindergarten teacher at CES, says she never saw Tonya Craft act inappropriately around accusers.

Update 4:20pm

Court back in session. Teresa Lee is now on the stand for the defense.

Update 4:10pm

ADA Len Gregor's demeanor w/witnesses polar opposite from days prior. Continues to apologize in advance for offensive questions.

Update 4pm

Breeden says she was told about Tonya Craft's suspicions of sexual abuse by step mom of alleged victim 3.

Breeden asked how many times she has treated a child for masturbation. Gregor, "that's a silly question isn't it?"

Gregor crossing Breeden. Asks if she is proud of her associates degree and if she feels qualified to do her job. She says yes.

Update 3:45pm

Breeden says she never saw Tonya Craft act inappropriate w/alleged victims, and never received reports of Craft molesting children.

Update 3:35pm

Breeden says Tonya Craft and accuser 3 enjoyed one another, were upbeat and happy when she saw them together.

Breeden says she knows the alleged victims.

Update 3:30pm

Breeden asked if child said mommy touched me while putting medicine on me would make her suspicious of abuse. She says no.

Breeden asked if child said mommy touched me while putting medicine on me would make her suspicious of abuse. She says no.

Breeden is a registered nurse, also works as a cardiac nurse outside the school.

Update 3:25pm

Breeden says she sees broken legs, belly aches and boo boos.

Breeden is the school nurse at Chickamauga Elementary School. Says she is friends Tonya Craft.

State calls Donita Breeden.

Update 3:15pm

King and Arnt continue to go back and forth with this witness.

Cobb says she has done things with Dewayne Wilson. She clarifies, things like ballgames.

Cobb being asked about abuse she reported on behalf of Tonya Craft. Craft alleged stepmom of one of accusers was abusing girl.

Update 3pm

Scott King is now asking witness questions about difference in misleading a child intentionally and accidentally.

Arnt asks Cobb if children are good witnesses to what happens to their own bodies. She says yes.

Court is back in session.

Update 2:35pm

Cobb dismissed from the stand. Short break before next witness.

Update 2:25pm

Arnt asking Cobb about cases they both worked.

Cobb testifies that she has handed cases over to Det. Tim Deal (Lead Investigator in Tonya Craft case) and she trusts his work.

Defense objects again to Arnt's line of questioning ... once again Judge House answers, "they're on the cross"

Update 2:20pm

Arnt rephrases his questions. Cobb says "certainly not" when asked if Wilson could have started this whole thing.

Arnt asked Cobb if Dewayne Wilson is kind of guy that could cook up a conspiracy. Defense objects. Attorneys all at the bench

Sheriff Steve Wilson and his wife attend church with Tonya Craft. They are in the same Sunday School class.

ADA Chris Arnt now cross examining Cobb. They know one another, he prosecutes charges filed by her office.

Cobb says DHS determined the allegations were not substantiated. Cobb says she stayed in touch with Tonya Craft through process.

Update 2:15pm

Cobb says she kept Sheriff Wilson in the loop as she contacted authorities in Catoosa County.

Update 2:10pm

Cobb says she kept Sheriff Wilson in the loop as she contacted authorities in Catoosa County.

Cobb says on April 7,2008 she called Tonya Craft. Says Craft told her she suspected 1 of 3 alleged victims was being abused.

Cobb says Tonya Craft is a family friend of Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson. Cobb says Wilson asked her to talk to Craft.

Cobb says she likes to have just one interview w/child, interviewing makes that possible.

Update 2pm

Scott King is asking Cobb questions. His voice is getting really raspy.

Cobb says first thing to do in a forensic interview is to develop report with child, then make sure not to ask leading questions

Cobb testifying about her training, she is a certified forensic interviewer.

Next witness to the stand - Investigator Carolyn Cobb with the Walker County Sheriff's Office.

Chickamauga Elementary School teacher Sherrod Hart is dismissed.

Update 1:40pm

Hart is crying while talking about Craft's interaction with one of the alleged victims. Said the girl was enamored of Craft.

Update 1:30pm

Sherrod Hart now a Kindergarten teacher at CES. Used to teach "pre-1st" grade.

Sherrod Hart taking the stand. Teacher at CES.

Court back in session.

Update 12:24pm

Arnt asking Fouts about her son. Perry Fouts is a detective. He has worked on child abuse cases in the past. Fout excused.

Court recesses for lunch.

Update 12:02pm

Fouts describing one of the girls involved in case as a "happy little girl." Fouts says none of the girls' parents ever seemed unhappy with Tonya. None of girls acted odd or uncomfortable. "Never."

Update 11:54am

ADA Chris Arnt now doing cross-examination of former principal. She's never seen the website. Arnt asking if Gurganus saw anything related to this case take place? She said no.

Witness is excused. Defense just called Connie Fouts to stand. Fouts retired in June 07 after 28 years at Chickamauga Elementary.

Update 11:40am

Gurganus talking about her observations of the 3 girls involved in the case. Nothing out of the norm caught her attn.

Covert wants to show Gurganus evaluations of Tonya Craft. Arnt objects. Says professional eval are not admissible as character evidence.

Update 11:20am

Gurganus hired Tonya Craft to teach kindergarten

Gurganus is former principal of Chickamauga Elem. Now at Ringgold Elem.

Break's over. Nancy Gurganus is taking the stand. She's an educator.

Update 11am

Court taking short break.

Update 10:55am

Witness says if working out makes Tonya Craft a narcissist, then she is one too. Defense gives up.

Gregor asks witness if she knows definition of "narcissist". Defense objects to reading definition. Judge allows it.

Update 10:50am

Cary King in redirect: "If you see a teacher being loving does that mean she is a child molester?"

Witness says she doesn't own a Truth for Tonya bumper sticker.

Gregor asks if witness is "a conspiracy theorist" ... asks if she believes government as involved w/ 911.

Once again, Gregor asks if this witness is aware Tonya Craft was a fitness instructor.

Update 10:40am

Gregor asked witness if she had heard about Tonya Craft's reputation with drinking. She says no, he asks if seen someone drunk.

Parvin being asked more about her observations of Tonya Craft and children, including her own.

Update 10:25am

Gregor using a lot of references to the Catholic Church when asking about teacher's knowledge of child molestation.

Gregor now cross examining witness. Again, adding his own experience into his questioning.

Parvin says she hugged Tonya Craft not because she thought she was innocent or guilty but because she looked like she needed a hug.

Teacher says mom of accuser 2 called her and asked her why she hugged Tonya Craft.

Update 10:15am

Teacher says accuser 2 was going through counseling and had hard time in class. Says when counseling was over, girl opened up

Parvin being asked about being a mandatory reporter.

Teacher says accuser 1 would visit Tonya Craft's classroom after class a lot during 06-07 school year.

Parvin says mom of accuser 1 did not come to tell her girl was having problems.

Update 10:00am

Teacher says accuser 1 wrote in a journal for class assignment. Says girl didn't write about abuse, but did write about movies she was in.

Parvin says she was approached by child actor's mother and accused of not liking her. Says they worked it out.

Parvin says accuser 1 was in her class. Says girl was out a lot to be in her first movie. Calls her "an average first grader"

Next witness - Kim Parvin, former employee of Chickamauga Elementary, taught 1st grade

Update 9:50am

Witness dismissed after being asked if she was aware Tonya Craft was a fitness instructor.

Gregor to witness: "If you ever see anything on my Facebook page that insults you call me"

Cary King to witness: "Have you ever visited Chris Arnt's self promoting Facebook page?" She says no.

Redirect: Defense asked witness if she ever saw or heard Tonya Craft strip search a child. Says first she heard of it was when state asked her.

Cary King to witness: Does drinking make Tonya Craft a child molester?

Coulter says she doesn't subscribe to theories.

Gregor asking witness about the conspiracies alleged on Truth for Tonya website. She's familiar with them.

Coulter says she has visited the Truth for Tonya website, but has not posted her opinions.

Update 9:40am

Gregor asking witness if Tonya Craft ever told her about her relationship with her mother.

Gregor asking witness if she's seen a certain scene in the movie "Santa Clause"

Coulter says she has seen children please themselves in class before.

Defense objects to Gregor continuing to use his personal experiences while asking questions. Judge says "he's on cross" and allows it.

Defense finished. ADA Len Gregor now asking questions. He starts by sharing information about his family.

Update 9:25am

Coulter says after allegations against Tonya Craft came out the local authorities did not contact her or interview her.

Coulter says she never saw accuser 1 have a "melt down" at school.

Coulter says she also knows accuser 3, says she also appeared to have a good relationship with Tonya Craft

Update 9:15am

Coulter says she also knows accuser 2, her brother was in Tonya Craft's class.

Coulter testifies during her time in Tonya Craft's class as a para pro there were no reports made alleging Craft of abuse.

Defense asking Coulter about "separation anxiety" and being a "mandatory reporter"

Update 9:10am

As a para pro at the time, Coulter says she had time to observe Tonya Craft and accuser 1. Says girl didn't appear to hate Craft

Coulter testifies Tonya Craft was a "good teacher" ... also says she knows accuser 1, and the girl's mother.

UPDATE 9:05am

Coulter is 1st grade teacher at Chickamauga Elementary.

Defense calls Cindy Coulter to the stand.

Court is in session. Jury coming in. Day 13 of the Tonya Craft trial starts now.

UPDATE 7:00 a.m.

Court will resume at 9:00 a.m. today. The defense continued calling witnesses. That will continue this morning.