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Man meets EMS crew who saved his life

After an EMS crew started to regulate Michael O'Rourke's blood glucose level he said, "I thought everything was gonna be ok like usual, I thought I'd get my blood sugar up, and gonna go."

But, everything was not ok. In mid march, 53 year old Michael O'Rourke, was flat lined, with no pulse, in the back of an ambulance.

Today O'Rourke met face to face with the Bradley County EMS crew who gave him a second chance at life.

After the meeting he said, "I wanted to bring them a gift, but what could you bring someone who saved your life, there's nothing more precious than a human beings life."

Eleven percent of Americans suffer from diabetes. O'Rourke's been battling it for over 40 years.

On march 24th, his blood glucose levels dropped to the danger zone, he doesn't remember calling 911, and he certainly doesn't remember going into cardiac arrest.

Nationwide, fewer than seven percent survive cardiac arrest.

Michael Truelove, was part of the EMS crew on the scene, he said, "Luckily we got a line back, a rhythm back, and he's with us today, and that's the greatest feeling in the world."

Another EMS crew member, Josh Edgeworth said, "It's not everyday that we get to bring somebody back, and they come back to see us, and we get to talk to him."

Since then O'Rourke underwent a Triple Bypass, and had his vision corrected. Now he says maybe the clearest thing he sees, is that somebody is on his side.

"I don't know who, my mom, my dad, somebody's up there. Or I wouldn't be here," said O'Rourke. 

O'Rourke plans to keep recuperating, and says he will cherish every moment of his second chance, especially the time he spends with his daughter.

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