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ONLY ON 3: Video of rescue; Girl survives steep fall on Signal Mtn.

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SIGNAL MOUNTAIN (WRCB) -- A 13-year-old girl took a tumble today off a drop on Signal Mountain.

The girl was watching her mother rappel off of Falling Water Falls when she got too close to the edge and fell.

Members of the Hamilton County Cave and Cliff Rescue team rappelled down to the girl, where a physician assessed her injuries and stabilized her. You can see the exclusive video of the rescue, obtained by Channel 3 Eyewitness News on the left.

They secured her in a full body splint inside a basket and began the arduous process of bringing her back to the top.

At one point, they even used a zip line to bring her across a chasm. We're told the girl has head trauma and possibly a broken femur. But things could have been much worse," said Bob Lewis, with Cave and Cliff Rescue Team.

"That type of distance that you can fall, could easily, totally have been life threatening and end up being worse than it was. As we were transporting her out she was conscious and talking when we stimulated her. She seemed to be doing fairly well.>

The trail is near the overlook on Signal Mountain, and is very steep. Rescuers say any time you get that close to a steep slope, you should be tied off for safety.

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