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Investigators Need Help Tracking Down Murder Suspect Of Woman

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Chattanooga Police hope you can help track down the person who murdered a 55 year old grandmother.

Jeryl Hudson was a mother of two and had a granddaughter.

She and her friends had just left a bar on 11th Street.

They were at a stop sign when someone pulled up, opened fire, and shot Hudson in the head.

Tonight, Crimestoppers and the victim's family offer new details on this unsolved murder.

Jeryl Hudson's daughter, Cristy says, "I was on my way to church when  I found out."

A tragic Easter Sunday that will be burned into Cristy Hudson's memory forever.

Cristy says, "I had just talked to her Saturday night."

55 Year old Jeryl Hudson was shot just minutes after leaving a club downtown called Mike's bar.

Cristy says, "I really I think it was a setup. My Mama didn't bother nobody."

Investigators have released surveillance video.  You can see both cars pull up to the intersection. The car Jeryl Hudson was in, turns right. The suspects continue straight on 11th Street. You can see the gunfire.

Chattanooga Police Investigator Alexis Mercado says, "Based on that information it does appear random, but we're still trying to put the pieces together."

Investigators say Hudson was a regular at Mike's. They've also determine there was a fight at the bar that night, but there's no indication Hudson or her friends were involved.

Mercado says, "Apparently she like to dance, have a drink and enjoy herself.  Mostly they just kept to themselves and have a good time never had problems."

But investigators have a problem now. They need help tracking down the two black men driving a white car with tinted windows. Inside was the one who murdered Jeryl Hudson.

Mercado says they need help, "A tip, a name, description of the car, where the party lives, where they've been seen before."

 Jeryl's daughter Cristy says, " Somebody knows what happened, I want them to come forward and tell us."

If you can help or if you've heard any talk on the street or saw anything strange that night in the 11th Street area, please call Crimestoppers.

No one will ever know you called.  It could put cash in your pocket.  The number is 698-3333


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