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Thoughts on Coming Home

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Ok time to catch everyone up. My tour here has ended and I'm on my way home(should be in the states sometime Monday). 

I want to briefly touch on the School supply drive by pack 3166. You have changed the lives of children across the world by your actions.  I hate that I will not be able to fully convey exactly what you have done thru your hard work and dedication.  As I stood in front of several classes explaining where the new supplies they had, not only in their hands, but clutched to them as if they were afraid someone was going to take it from them, I was choked up several times. 

Seeing this project through all the phases, then to see how you touched the lives of the people associated with this school as it came together.  You had an idea, that turned into a plan. You then executed that plan beyond anyone's expectations and then saw it thru to the end.  I'm very much looking forward to bringing you the end state and slide show. So while I am touted as a hero by many, my hat is off to you gentlemen and I truly stand in awe of you.

      I've already joined two softball teams and one adult baseball team and I cant wait to get back out on the ball field.  The smell of the fresh cut grass, the sound of a solid hit, the cries, jeers and shouts from the stands-spring is truly eternal.  If you are around Chattanooga, you should check out the adult baseball league(NABA) its a wooden bat league also that has all levels of playing ability.  I'm playing with the Cubs, come see a game!!!
The blinking cursor taunts me as I try to encapsulate my tours overseas.  It's hard to talk about with the people I have worked, bled and sweat with the last 5 years, much less try to put the vivid memories that will live within the recesses of my mind for the remainder of my years into words. I don't want you to see war thru my eyes, but just know if I had to do it all over again, I would with no regrets.  

I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan, I've seen better men than me die. I've watched people barely worthy of wearing a uniform come home as decorated hero's. I've seen true hero's walk silently unwelcomed thru the airport.  I watched as Iraq hung its dictator. I helped the Afghan populace elect a President via democracy.  I drove down route Irish in the heart of Baghdad while Sunni's on my left and Sh'ia's on my right stopped shooting at each other long enough to shoot at me. 

 I have walked away from 3 blown up humvees with just a cracked jaw, some hearing loss and a concussion. I have been the part of the good stuff as well. I love talking to the kids that want to grow up and be doctors and engineers to help their Country's. That has kept me going (time and time again).   

 It is time ladies and gentlemen that I walk away, the end of an era if you will.  It is now someone else's time to keep the wolf at bay.  I'm coming home to my family and they will receive the heart felt commitment that I have given to my peers, my Army, and my Country.  Now that I have a daughter coming into this world, I hope someone like me catches the torch of freedom that I throw.  Id like to thank WRCB for posting my rantings for the last two years. I recently reenlisted for 6 more years, so don't be surprised if this pops back up around 2013:)

   Id like to thank my family, without the love and support I receive from them daily, there is no way possible for me to have done what I've done or become the man I've become(yes, that's a good thing). To my new wife, my daughters and my soon to be new born baby-I love you with a love I've never known and it just grows stronger everyday-I will be crying like a baby when I step off that plane and see you! 

My friends deserve a huge thank you-I've moved more times at war than when I've been home and they have always been there to make sure I've had a home to come back to.  Id like to also thank the friends I've picked up on the way thru this.  from six degrees of separation this has trickled around to people.  One even made it to the Senate floor where I was quoted.  Not bad for a local Ft Oglethorpe kid.  I love you all and Ill see you soon!(Home by Easter is my goal) 

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