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Spring Break Fun: Keeper Kids at TN Aquarium

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Spring break is just a couple of weeks away for most area schools and the Tennessee Aquarium is offering a new program for your kids while they enjoy their days off.

     It's called Keeper Kids.

     Along with your admission to the aquarium, your kids can sign up to go behind the scenes and work with the trainers in some of the most popular exhibits. They can choose to make toys for the macaws, teach parrots how to talk, even work with the otter.

     Aquarium trainers say the kids love it.

     Children we spoke with say they've been to the aquarium plenty of times before, but they've never seen it like this.

     Keeper Kids lasts for two weeks beginning March 29.               

     It's included in your regular admission price. If you're an aquarium member, then it's part of your membership.

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