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Cigarette Heist Caught On Tape

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A cigarette heist is caught on tape. The surveillance video was shot on February 4th at sunset market on brown's ferry road. It was a rainy night, but it didn't seem to bother the suspect...he took his time pacing the parking lot before he chunking a rock through the window.

Investigators say as he climbs through the window, he cuts himself so there's blood all over the scene.

But that doesn't slow him down.  He runs straight to the register, jumps the counter and grabs cigarette cartons.  Rebecca Royval, with CPD, says, "It seemed like he was kinda familiar with the store."

But store managers did not recognize the suspect.  While at one point in the video we do get a shot of his face, it's not because he's lingering.  The suspect didn't spend  a long time inside and on the way out, he dropped some of the loot, leaving other evidence behind.

Evidence like a trail of blood, and his image on tape.  That's something detectives are hoping will lead them straight to this man with your help.  If you recognize him, or have any information about the burglary, please call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.  Your confidential call could earn you a cash reward up to 1000 dollars.

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