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Firefighters Honored for Their Bravery

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By Megan Boatwright, Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

UPDATE -- Four firefighters were honored for heroic actions they took during the Bonny Oaks duplex fire that took the lives of two young children.  Wednesday, Hamilton County leaders did their best to ensure the men know how much they are appreciated.   

"You did outstanding work," said Hamilton County Mayor, Claude Ramsey.  "My prayer is that you never have to do that again."

Commissioner Greg Beck watched the firefighters in action February 15.  Beck even shoot video on his cell phone. 

"I was even more appreciative of those men who tried to save the lives of those children," he said.   

Commissioner Jim Coppinger said, "Very seldom do you see those kinds of actions".   

As the former Chattanooga Fire Chief, Coppinger worked with the honored firefighters for many years.  County leaders couldn't say enough about their heroism.

"It started out as a typical duplex fire," said fireman Richard Meier.  "Only this time we had two children trapped inside."   

It's a tricky thing being a fire fighter, you never know when a routine call can result in death.  The truth is these men have saved more lives than we realize.

"You save a lot of people sometimes and don't hear about it," said Meier.  "Sometimes you hear about the ones you don't save." 

While the men appreciate the recognition they also say they wouldn't think twice about trading the ceremony for the chance to see young Olivia Bennet and her 3-year-old brother, Michael White, safely in their mother's arms.

"That's what made me go faster and harder," said Joshua Buchard.  "It could have been my kids."   



HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) -- Hamilton County Commissioners honored four Chattanooga firefighters for their outstanding service to the community and the acts of bravery in the line of duty.

The four were honored for their heroic work in the fire that claimed the lives of the two young children on Bonny Oaks Drive, February 16th.


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