MARION COUNTY (WRCB) -- Marion County detectives spotted what they thought was a drug deal going down on the courthouse lawn.  It turned out to be a little more complicated.

Detectives say they saw Daniel Boss in front of the justice building. He appeared to be making a drug exchange, but investigators say he was trying to get a friend to take a drug test for him. That's when detectives decided to check out his apartment.  Sheriff Bo Burnette says they found a meth lab and Boss was cuffed and carted off to jail.

Sheriff Burnette says, "It's one of these things when people try to beat the system and they get caught."

Laura Hamblem shares a son with Boss.  She says "He's a good father and a good father doesn't do stuff like that."

Hamblem says she's never seen any sign of meth at Boss' place.  His probation does stem from previous drug charges. He now faces additional drug and weapons charges.