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Canada Concedes Medal Race to the U.S.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) -- Canada has raised the white flag in the face of a U.S. juggernaut, conceding that it won't achieve its bold ambition of finishing atop the medals table at the Vancouver Olympics.

"We are going to be short of our goal," said Chris Rudge, CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee, at the news briefing Monday — the start of the games' final week. Through most of the day's competition, Canada was tied for fifth in the medal standings with nine, far behind the United States with 24. Canada spent $117 million over the past five years — a mix of government and private funding — on its Own The Podium program, a plan to win the medals race by earmarking extra financial support for contending athletes.

"We'd be living in a fool's paradise if we said we were going to catch the Americans and win," Rudge said. "They are way out ahead at this point."

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