Paul Shahen
Eyewitness Reporter

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WRCB) -- After almost 30 days in rehab tiger woods made his first public appearance, apologizing for his infidelities.  To see how you felt about the public apology and if it was necessary.

     No matter where they were.  People all over chattanooga stopped what they were doing to watch tiger's statement.  For 11 minutes, he apologized to anyone and everyone in his life. Showing sides of anger at the media and remorse for his behavior.

     Tiger Woods said, "I had affairs, I cheated, what I did was unacceptable.  And I am the only person to blame."

     Zeb Patten of Z Golf said, "it doesn't matter if you're tiger woods or a guy on the street, and I think he did a good job today of saying I'm not above any rules, and he actually thought he was."

     Chattanoogan Kenneth Dew said, "he's human, he messes up."

     He is human, and forgiveness is a part of human nature, right?

     "We all make mistakes we do wrong, and he should be forgiven, says Kristen Knowles."

     "There's not a human being who hasn't sinned," says Patten.  "We have to forgive him, but if he continues to do these things that's a different subject."

     Tiger also said, "everyone of you has good reason to be critical of me."

     Key word there, me.  He asked that his family be left alone.

     Another Chattanooga resident, Heath Davis said, "it should be something between the husband and wife, and the family should deal with it."

     Knowles said, "I think as far as his wife is concerned and his family, that's between them. It's no body elses place to judge."

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