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One Person Arrested for Meth And Pot

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ETOWAH, TN (WRCB)--Etowah Police arrested one man for meth and pot.

Monday morning, Etowah Police responded to a house on Ohio Ave. When the Officer arrived he smelled and odor associated with meth.

The Officer asked the homeowner if he could look around. The Homeowner gave permission and the Officer started searching for the source of the odor. The Officer found chemicals associated with the meth making process. The Officer also found a locked door belonging to another adult living in the house.

The Officer left and obtained a search warrant. Upon further investigation of the locked room, Police found 13 shake and bake meth labs. Police also found 3 pounds of pot under a bed in the room.

Police have arrested Harold Dean Miller and booked him into the McMinn County Jail. Miller is facing charges of possession of meth, possession of marijuana, promotion to manufacture meth, felony possession of drug paraffin, and aggravated child abuse. The child abuse due to the fact there was a child living in the house.

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