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Police Investigate Post Office Robbery

DALTON, GA (WRCB)--Dalton Police are investigating a robbery at the Morris St Post Office.

Someone broke into the U.S. Post Office at 1119 E. Morris St. in Dalton Saturday night. Dalton Police Department says officers responded to a call about 1:46 a.m. Sunday.

When Police arrived they found that a door into the building and a mail box outside the building appeared to have been pried open. Inside the building, someone had forced their way into the customer service area.

Postal officials said some packages and possibly some outgoing mail appeared to be missing. The police report said the items appeared to have been loaded on a cart, then rolled outside. The packages were "internal packages," meaning that they were too large to put into post boxes, and notification was left to pick them up at the customer service desk. If a customer brings in a notice and employees can't find the package, the customer will be given a letter stating that the package was stolen.

Dalton Police Department recommends people who are expecting bills, credit cards, checks or similar items should check with their banks, credit agencies or other institutions if they don't receive the items in a timely manner.

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