Paul Shahen
Eyewitness Reporter

Chattanooga, Tenn.  (WRCB) -- Driving around Chattanooga this week has been spotty dodging potholes, hitting potholes, blowing tires, and begin stuck in traffic.  Channel 3 is looking out for you. We know you have questions. Hit a pothole at highway speeds, and you might blow a tire. If that happens, the first step is always file a police report. Then, if you're on a state road, call *THP to file a claim.

     TDOT's Jennifer Flynn, "You can file a claim with the state of Tennessee, it will go through the proper to Nashville's legal dept, then you could potentially be reimbursed for any repair work that has to be done on you're vehicle."

     If you're on a city road in Chattanooga, file a police report then call 311. The city's attorney will handle you're claim, they said it's a case by case situation.  But the police report is always your proof.

     The problem right now it's not so much the rain, but the cold.  In the winter road crews can not fix anything permanently.  The permanent mixture is only made in the warmer months. They're forced to use a cold mix, which is basically a quick fix.  Here's why.

     The water gets in the patch that we put down already.  It freezes it thaws, then there's more room there, and the patch will pop out," says Flynn.  Basically we have to re-patch it.  It's an ongoing process."