HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) -- "I don't usually find out about things until it's too late," said Emily Hammett, resident.

But Alert Hamilton County could change that.

"Today we're announcing a new alert service for residents in Hamilton County," said Mayor Claude Ramsey, Hamilton County.

Alert Hamilton County is a new notification system where emergency services will alert residents or business about emergencies or critical situations.

"Something big, where it would impact your life, your community. We've got a way to reach out and touch you so to speak," said Don Allen, Emergency Services Director, Hamilton County.

Emergency Services will also let people know what actions they need to take, whether it's evacuating an area or taking shelter.

The notifications will be done either by phone, email, or text messages.

"The text message for me that would be perfect cause I don't like to check my email so texting would be great," said Hammett.

"I think it would be helpful I think it would help people get off work sooner, be able to get home faster, get out of the weather a little more quickly," said Natalie Flerl, resident.

It's a warning system residents like Flerl wish had been available this past weekend when the snow storm hit.

"I think the biggest thing is that it could have kept more people off the roads. People could have gotten off the roads before the inclement weather hit and possibly less accidents," said Flerl.

But the next time there is a major emergency, Hamilton County will send out an alert.

Leaders say they'll be able to send up to 60,000 messages at a time.  All you have to do is register your information online and once the county has your contact information, you'll start receiving emergency notifications.

"I think that, that would be really helpful, especially in preventing accidents and injuries and dangerous situations," said Flerl.

Hamilton county officials now have a new way to tell you about emergencies. Monday, city and county leaders announced the kick off of "Alert Hamilton County."

  It's an notification system that will allow emergency management officials to send mass messages through land line phones, cell phones and email.  Leaders say it's a valuable tool, should there be a major emergency happen in Chattanooga. They'll be able to send out up to 60,000 messages at a time.

     You can register online at www.hamiltontn.gov.