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Hamilton County Snow Caused Accidents

Paul Shahen
Eyewitness Reporter

Hamilton County, Tenn. (WRCB) -- Anytime you mix an above average amount of snow, freezing rain, and busy streets, well that's usually a recipe for disaster.  And Hamilton County was no exception today.

Accidents and abandoned cars could be seen on just about every road.

So many accidents, that around lunchtime, Chattanooga's police department was only responding to accidents with injuries.  Since then, the city has responded to more than 100 calls.  Keep in mind those are only accidents with injuries.

The numbers for Hamilton County as a whole couldn't even be totaled tonight.  We should know by tomorrow.

 Today on Signal Mountain Road, cars filled the sides of the streets.  Even locals were helping people.  Randy Kleiner said, "we're just out to help anyone who needs help getting up the mountain. Everyday driver who's not used to driving in this amount of snow, ice, or slush. They definitely need to slow down."


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