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Crimestoppers Report

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Two burglaries, one month,  and nearly 50 thousand dollars in stolen equipment from Howard High School.

Chattanooga Police Sgt. Rebecca Shelton says, "We're hoping people will start talking."

On January 6th suspects stole 22 dell laptop computers.  Fifteen mp3 players and some gift cards on January 7th.  Crooks returned for more, stealing more laptop computers and a DVD burner.  Both times they entered the school by breaking a window in the principal's office possibly using this screwdriver.

Shelton adds. "Fingerprints can be assessed, and eyewitnesses or if anyone saw anything or heard anything like, hey I broke into a school."

School superintendent Dr. Jim Scales has told the county commission he believes the theft was an inside job. Investigators say a school is open to so many people it can be tough to prove.

Shelton says, "There's a lotta people involved that it could be, the main thing is catching the right people and putting them in jail and getting the computers back for the kids."

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