By David Carroll
CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A female Orchard Knob Middle School student was charged with assault Friday after punching an assistant principal and a teacher in the face.
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Janice Atkinson says at dismissal Friday afternoon, assistant principal Blake Freeman was called to the faculty parking lot on a report of "commotion and disorder."  He found two female students involved in a fight.  Freeman, along with art teacher Polly Jennings attempted to break up the fight.  The girls refused to stop.
Each of the adults attempted to pull the girls apart, but one freed herself, and continued swinging her fists.  She attempted to hit the other student, but instead hit Mr. Freeman, and then Ms. Jennings. 
Mr. Freeman reported swelling in his left eye, and Ms. Jennings was also hit in the left eye.  The School Resource Officer soon arrived, arrested the female student and transported her to the Juvenile Detention Center.
Hamilton County Schools spokesperson Danielle Clark said, "The one student who hit the assistant principal was suspended in accordance with zero tolerance law and has the opportunity to appeal.   The other student was suspended."