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Former Cop Calls For FBI To Investigate His Case

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The former Chattanooga police officer fired for improper procedure and untruthfulness is asking the FBI to investigate.

Laurence Goodine was fired in 2007 after internal affairs investigators agreed with claims Goodine had taken money from alleged drug dealers during traffic stops.

Goodine was cleared in 2008 of criminal charges in the case, but police chief Freeman Cooper refused to reinstate Goodine to the department.

In a press conference he called today, Goodine says, "I want the city of Chattanooga to know I was a good officer, I am a good officer, I did nothing wrong."

Goodine claims investigators at CPD made up evidence against him and he wants the FBI to look into the case.  We asked the police department to comment, but were directed to the city attorney's office.  The city attorney did not return our calls.

Now Goodine can only wait to see if the FBI will move forward.

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