BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) --  A woman wanted in New Mexico has been charged with burglary in Bradley County.

On Tuesday, the Criminal Investigations Division of the Bradley County Sheriff's Office added aggravated burglary and theft charges for 20-year-old ++, who was arrested Friday on the out-of-state forgery warrant.

After she was arrested, officers say Hamby managed to open a window of the deputy's car and escape. Still handcuffed, she ran to a barn where she fell climbing into the loft. Paramedics examined Hamby and sent her to Erlanger Medical Center. Doctors there found she had no injuries.

Detectives identified Hamby as the person who pawned a diamond ring and digital camera belonging Norval Wilburn of Blue Springs Church Road. Wilburn reported those items as well a chainsaw and weedeater stolen on January 7th.

Hamby remains in custody where she is also charged with escape and evading arrest.