Update Tuesday March 16th Noon

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A judge set a high bond for Montez Davis. Tuesday, Hamilton County Sessions Court judge David Bales upheld the 1st degree murder charges against Davis and raised his bail to a million dollars.

Investigators say Davis is a gang member who is accused of randomly shooting in an act of revenge against a rival gang. At one point during the hearing, Judge Bales called gang members "cockroaches" and a menace to our community. Bales also said it was fortunate that four or five people did not die in the gunfire.

Judge Bales also set bond at $25,000 on a charge of reckless endangerment for Davis and at $10,000 on a charge of unlawful carrying of a gun.                                                                

Update Monday January 11 6:45 PM

Police cars line the parking lot of the Kanku gas station at the corner of Wilcox and Tunnel Blvd after a shootout claims the life of an innocent 42-year-old man Saturday night.

It's the same gas station a where a 28-year-old man was shot in the chest last July. Police say this Eastdale community is a hot spot for crime.

Chattanooga police divides the city patrols into teams.

The area around tunnel and Wilcox is assigned to the Delta team, with several experienced officers.

That's mainly in part to the high number of calls that come from the area and police say, the workload, isn't getting any lighter.

Last May 17-year-old Prandel Reid was arrested for the shooting death of Richard Ervin.

Reid led police on a forty minute chase before being arrested.

And in November, a drug deal at a local playground turned violent, killing one man and injuring another.

We wanted to know if more officers would help curb some of the violence we're told budget cuts have the department stretched thin.

Update Sunday 5:30 PM

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- The shooter Montez Davis is no stranger to violence. He was the victim of a shooting himself at a carwash back in July.

Police say Davis has been involved with gang activity.

Now residents hope more is done to prevent crime from happening so that no one else loses their life.

Davis has a long history of violence with charges dating back to 1990.

He is being charged with murder and reckless endangerment.

Davis is due in court January 19th.

Sunday 2PM

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- One person has been killed in a late Saturday shooting.

The shooting happened at 3440 Wilcox Blvd at Kanku's Convenience store.

The victim was identified as 42-year-old Jonathan Lawrence.

Witnesses say a man named Anthony Russell threw a bottle at Montez Davis, who was driving another vehicle. The bottle hit Davis' window and broke it. Davis then circled the lot and began shooting at Russell and his friends, witnesses say.

One of the shots fired by Davis hit Russell in the head and killed him instantly. Russell had been pumping gas in another vehicle.

Davis left the scene and drove to his home at 1006 Tunnel Blvd. A gunfight followed after another vehicle pulled to Davis residence and began firing. During that exchange of gunfire, 29-year-old Inah Garner was driving down Tunnel Boulevard and was hit in the hand by a bullet. She drove to Kanku's and reported that she had been shot.

Officers have detained several witnesses and suspects. Police arrested Davis on charges of first-degree murder, reckless endangerment and illegal possession of a firearm.

Police are searching for the suspects who fired at Davis' home and determine who fired the shot that injured Garner.

The investigation is ongoing.

Stay with Eyewitness News for more details in this shooting.