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Teachers Resolve to "Dance" To Lose Weight in '10

By David Carroll


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- When it comes to New Year's resolutions, teachers are no different from the rest of us.  They use the calendar as a good reason to commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle, and a renewed effort to trim some inches and pounds.

FOX Home Video and WRCB teamed up to donate a set of DVD's featuring dancers from the hit series "So You Think You Can Dance" to several area schools.  The DVD's are themed "Get Fit: Tone and Groove" and "Get Fit" Cardio Funk."  They include popular dance fitness routines adapted from the show.

Clifton Hills Elementary assistant principal Stacy Johnson says, "Our first grade teachers are turning over a new leaf.  We would love to start a fitness program, anything that creates a positive attitude for our kids."

Red Bank High principal Gail Chuy says she plans to use the DVDs in the school's female weight training class.  In Dade County, GA, Dade Elementary principal Cherie Swader says, "We've made a resolution to become healthier this year.  Some of us have started walking, and we've set a goal of one million steps.  We appreciate this video, and how it may help us meet our goal."

But perhaps the most appreciative recipient of the "Dance" DVDs is Red Bank Middle School principal Katie O'Brien, who said, "I have a great reason to get in shape.  I'm getting married! Many of our teachers work out after school in the faculty workout room that I set up."

In recent years, many area schools have established fitness programs and weight loss competitions for teachers and students in an effort to create a healthier atmosphere and cut down on absenteeism. 

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