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Crimestoppers Report

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Detectives are scanning surveillance videos from the Fort Oglethorpe, Ga Chick-Fil-A.  Police say the man is buying his lunch with a stolen credit card.

Detective David McGuffee says, "When he went in to place an order, he ordered two of everything and we feel like he may have a driver."

Lookout Mountain Detective David Mcguffee says this is the guy who's been targeting parked cars in the city of Lookout Mountain.  He says the suspect has been taking purses and wallets and using the credit cards.

McGuffee believes the thief even escalated to walking into a home and taking a laptop and briefcase from a kitchen counter.  Investigators say the house was left unlocked.

Detectives say this is the suspect using another stolen card at a Target store in Duluth,Georgia.  They say he could be from the Atlanta area but they're hoping someone here will something that can help them track this suspect down.  In the meantime they have a warning:

McGuffee says, "We just wanna stress to people, this time of year especially to lock their residences and vehicles at night."

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