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Happy Holidays

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ok here is the latest and greatest address:
1-2, 209TH LST
APO AE 09354
  Ill be here for the winter and most of the spring before returning home.  Now this area I'm going to is about the most remote area of Afghanistan.  If you look at a map of Afghanistan, I'm in the east(hindu kush mtn range) where that part that looks like a finger reaching out to China is located.  We are with the Afghan Army and some germans, we are a 12 hour drive away from the nearest US forces-so when I use terms like "remote" and "desolate"  they are gross understatements haha.  We are doing great things in this area.  The biggest thing is helping the Afghan police and army when the support of the people.  Once this trust is established, it will be so much easier to drive that wedge between the populace and the taliban.  I don't really care if the taliban is in the mountains all around us, they can rot up there for all I care.  As long as I leave knowing the people of Afghanistan are protected, good enough for me.  We are working on several projects in this area currently to include, stopping the river from eroding the town, adding a school(boys and girls) and building a checkpoint to keep out the bad guys.  On top of that we are mentoring the ANA, ANP, ABP(afghan border police) and the NDS(afghan version of FBI).  Ill get some pictures soon to post on here as well, and let you guys see the face of Afghanistan.  War overall is a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs, but there is also some good that comes out of war and that's the part I will share with everyone. 
   I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, a very Merry Christmas and a safe and fun-filled New Years!! Ill see you in the spring.
  To my wife- I love you
   To my daughters-you better be good, santa is watching!!! Poop
    To my unborn child-to borrow a phrase "let  there be war in my day, so you shall know peace" I love you
 and to my family and friends-take care and thank you for all you are doing to welcome my new wife and children into the family

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