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Help Get Trooper Home for the Holidays

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- McKamey Animal Center is asking the community's help in finding the family of a beloved dog, who McKamey has named "Trooper". In a effort to find Trooper's family and alert them that Trooper is injured and is currently at their center, McKamey has begun a "Get Trooper Home for Christmas" campaign to make the community aware of his situation.

 Trooper is a one year old, uncropped Schnauzer who was found on Friday on Bay Pointe Drive. Bay Pointe Drive is located near the Chickamauga Dam and Marina Cove in the Hixson area. He weighs about 18 lbs. and was found wearing a pink camouflage collar. Trooper has suffered a broken leg.

 "Because of his demeanor and healthy disposition, it is apparent to us that Trooper has a home somewhere and probably has a family who is worried sick right now," said Karen Walsh, McKamey's executive director. "The worst feeling in the world is to have a lost dog and we are doing all we can to get Trooper back home, to his family, in time for the holiday!"

 The McKamey Animal Center began operating in the summer of 2008 and acts as animal control for the city of Chattanooga. If you recognize Trooper, or have a lost dog of your own, please contact the McKamey Animal Center at (423) 305-6500.

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